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So. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] redstars , I now have a paid account~♥!
WTF with that grammar, Self? How do you even read that? "I now have a paid account~HEART!"
At least for a while, anyway~

And so now I have MOAR ICON SPACE. \o/

As you can tell by my icon, it is quite joyous. ;D

Anyway, I've been unusually busy lately, so I... uh... ended up waiting until tonight to chronicle my week?
Also, I can't wait for the Hetalia fandom to die down a bit. As much as I love the series, and the fandom is, for the most part, incredibly nice, but my God, I can't watch the LJ comm because it gets a post every 5 seconds and I'm getting the feeling I can't watch any of the gazillion Hetalia groups on DA because I get 100 new pictures to look at every day. It makes me scared to log on and look. ;; [/random, out-of-place thought]

So the last time I posted was... Tuesday~ So then~ Wednesday events~ Go-go~!!

Wednesday night was the bonfire for the Norwegian~ Though lots of her closer friends around here apparently have lives, so it ended up being more like a bunch of my friends plus her. ;~;
But it didn't rain~! \o/
And we set up a net and played us some volleyball~
It was fun, but painful. I had Dad fill the ball with air first, but instead of making it easier to play with it ended up making the thing rock hard. [Er. Blowing it and making it hard. I didn't mean for it to sound like that. OTL] It was like volleying a damn boulder. Every time someone tried to hit the ball they'd be like, "OWW. D8" Well, except when the one person that our guest did get to come along, but he recently completed his first year in the military and just got back from Korea, which gives him an unfair advantage. =A=

Honestly, the people who the party was meant to be for who did actually show up couldn't even stay that long, which was disappointing, but it was nice to see them before they had to go back.

Thursday night the family and I went to the county fair where we had delicious cheese curds and milkshakes~
And we saw one of my bffs and her mom so we went around to all the different things together~ :D
And I somehow managed to spend twenty bucks on charms. =A=;;

They had like, a ton of leftover charms (for those linking Italian charm bracelets) from a fundraiser a couple years back, so they were clearance sale-priced at 25 cents a pop. Which would've been incredibly cheap if I hadn't gotten 80 freakin' charms. Though the lady was really trying to get rid of them. She was willing to take $15 dollars for them instead of the $19.75 I would've owed her. My friend offered to pay for the rest anyway, I think mostly because the fundraiser was/is for a new pool in the town we went to elementary and high school in. Dad paid her back $5 anyway, which was good, because I was like, "Dude, you didn't have to do that, I could've just put some back. ;A;" in the first place. Then Dad was all, "She'll just have to get up super early and help with hay~" Like that was supposed to be my punishment or payback or something, but I knew a week or so before we even went to the fair that I'd have to do that stuff regardless. [We did the remaining hay this morning, actually, and it wasn't even that early. It was like, 10:00 am. Yeah, okay Dad. That's a really relevant and loaded threat there.]

But... well~ I did make this awesome Ameribracelet from my now massive charm collection~

They had an abundance of patriotic/flag charms. What can I say? My crush on Alfred strikes again!
It was mostly only American flags, though there were a few Canadian, Mexican, and Norwegian flag charms available for purchase too, so I snagged some for my other bracelets. =3=
And also I got me a Minnesota state flag one. Though honestly the emblem's so small you can't really tell what it is. Hell, on most of the pictures of the design around the internet you can't hardly tell.
And for some reason they had a Florida state flag and a Jamaican flag. Not sure what's up with that. <.<;

And we had to stop and talk to the pillow-salesman-dude.
Or I guess he calls himself a Pillowlogist.
Which is actually quite fitting since he can take one look at you and tell you what position you sleep in, how well you sleep, what kind of pillow you prefer, and what usually aches when you wake up.
He managed to sufficiently freak out my friend and her mom. Very entertaining stuff. ;D

Friday was spent making the aforementioned charmtrosity and also going to Roch with the grandparents. There's a veteran's memorial there and the family got Grandpa one of the uh... whatever they're called, when they put your name in a portion of the sidewalk. [/vocab fail] It's kind of like those squares they have in Hollywood for the celebrities with their hand prints in them, except it's for veterans and instead of hand prints they say what division of the service they were in and what war they served during.

Was up later than usual last night. I was attacked by a ginormous unidentifiable flying insect. I screamed and killed it. Strangely enough no one came down to see what was going on. Those must be some hella good pillows we got on Thursday. Damn.

Today we finally finished up that hay, which actually wasn't horribly heavy like Mom and I were expecting it to be after sitting for so long.
I was going to finally call up my new roommate and discuss our future living situation this morning, but we didn't get started on the hay until much later than expected. It was delayed until after lunch, but before I got cleaned up my friend (same one from Thursday) calls and asks if I want to go to the fair with her again. Her mom's gone to a wedding this weekend, and she wanted to check out some of the rides and stuff since we didn't really do any of that on Thursday. I was like, "Sure, but punch me in the face if I try to buy anymore charms."

So huzzah riiiides~! :D
We found out that this ride called the Sizzler is an evil rib-crushing-via-extreme-torque machine.
Also, apparently the Ferris Wheel is the scariest ride in the whole place.
My friend was like, "I wanna go on the Ferris Wheel~"
And I was like, "Okaaay~"
And as soon as we got on.
And I spent like ten minutes laughing at her.
Until the wheel jerked and the seat was like, WOBBLE WOBBLE. ;;
And then I was like, "I CONCUR. D: " *sob*

Also, we bought each other's birthday gifts. Now we must do our best to forget what we got for the other before then. XD;
And despite not buying any charms we both came home broke. OTL

Aaaand just now my roommate sent me a message on Facebook. So much for my icebreaker call in an effort to cure my shyness. She seems nice though, and she frequently speaks Spanish and Spanglish with her other FB friends, which is a good sign. ;D
I would honestly love to have a roommate I can speak and practice Spanish with. This is very promising~

Guess it's looking like I'll be skipping the memes again tonight. I'll catch up tomorrow~ Maybe. Probably. The family picnic for my Mom's side is tomorrow, but considering it's usually pretty much over by 4:00 I'm sure I'll have plenty of time. =3=

Date: 2010-07-11 12:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dinosaur-y.livejournal.com
I'm never gonna sue real money on sites though.

I know right? It takes so long to go through my flist because of all the posts. I go to [livejournal.com profile] hetalia_daily instead. Sadly I'm one day earlier than the comm, so I still miss out on stuff.

Date: 2010-07-11 01:12 pm (UTC)
ext_431319: (Default)
From: [identity profile] lurora.livejournal.com

Oh my God that is useful.
Whoever made that is a genius.
Thank you for linking me to that. My life is so much simpler now. |D

Date: 2010-07-14 11:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] redstars.livejournal.com

Charmtrosity. Best word ever, and totally fitting. lmao.

I find fairs are horribly expensive, and just going on rides leaves me broke. xD

Date: 2010-07-15 01:33 am (UTC)
ext_431319: (Nyoro~n)
From: [identity profile] lurora.livejournal.com
I know, right? XD
I was actually thinking I could use it as a part of an America cosplay someday. Or at least just wear it when I finally get to travel to the UK and see how many dirty looks I get. |Da

They aaaare. ;;
But I hardly ever actually go out with my friends so I was like "I'M-A COMIIIIING~"
And actually after two rides I was like, "That's all the money I want to spend on that. D:" And she was like, "...If I pay for your ticket will you go with me on thiiiis~?" So... yeah. I ended up paying her for those tickets in the end though since she wanted to get a present for her Mom's birthday that was really expensive and I helped pay for it. But somehow I feel like it went toward a better purpose now. XD;;

*is off to replenish her fund for Pokemon B/W* OTL

Date: 2010-07-18 04:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] redstars.livejournal.com
Bahah, perfect use I would say.

Same! I always end up spending money while hanging out with my friends, it's probably why I am broke. xD; LOL, you're lucky you have friends that'll do that. Mine are just like "k hold my bag then" and leave. xD That's a pretty good purpose. xD

I-I don't even have a fund. ;;

Date: 2010-07-18 04:32 am (UTC)
ext_431319: (Default)
From: [identity profile] lurora.livejournal.com
Well, honestly my friend (and her mom too, actually) are kind of spoiled and... uh... have few qualms about spending money left and right. Luckily they're the nice kind of spoiled and not horribly bratty. XD;;

My family, on the other hand, is pretty much the epitome of cheap. I'm pretty sure my mom is like, the Duchess of Cheapskatery. [/tangent]

It's okay. As of right now, neither to I. ;A;


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