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You guys aren’t going to believe this.

Okay, so I just went without internet for like, two weeks.
Because the people running our connection got a divorce.

A freaking divorce.


And actually, even though I was so excited to make this post throughout the entire internet drought for whatever reason I didn't get around to posting it until now. Not because LJ has been on the fritz, but because I just haven't had the willpower to post anything. ;3;a

But oh~ I kept a log, guys~ A log~

Just to warn everyone, this entry is REALLEH REALLEH LOOOOONG.
If you don't have an hour to spend reading one entry, I suggest you skip over this.

For those of you who plan to actually take my advice:
TL;DR: The people running my previous internet connection decided to see other people. And by other people I mean other people besides their customers. And then they cut off their service and disappeared [probably] to the shadow realm where no one could reach them. The entire rural area of southeast Minnesota is left in a rage, and on a microcosmic level, I am left with severe internet withdrawal. I fill this void in my life with Pokemon and Gurren Lagann. One friend gets married and another turns 20. In other news, Neville Longbottom's a badass, I finished Kaminomi 2, and the new Vocaloid is super cute. One week until living in super lavish campus apartments with awesome people.

Now Loading Lurora's Log of Internetlessness )
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I love how they picked purple. =3=
My university's school color is purple. |Db
For serious, I could've done like, Spirit Goddamn Week, man.
Let's do that next year, hm~? :D?

So~ Yesterday being Spirit Day and all, I thought I'd say something quick about it. Not much, just a few of my short thoughts on love in general.

I'd like to start by saying that I myself have never actually been in love or even had a significant other to speak of, so I will admit, I am terribly inexperienced and possibly misinformed. If and when I do crush on non-fictional people, I don't tell people. I don't feel comfortable sharing this information with anyone. Not my mom, not my grandmother, not my friends, not even you, Flist. Dating and relationships are a very uncomfortable subject for me. I don't like so much as insinuating that I would want one or have one. I don't know why. Perhaps because it would show weakness, or maybe because I'm too shy and insecure, or because I'm sheltered, or because I'm too prideful, or because I don't want to deal with the teasing, or because I fear it'll never really happen. Mostly I think it's because I don't understand how someone can completely open up to another person. I say this as someone with nothing to hide. No past relationships gone wrong. No inner pain. No obnoxiously large crime record. Just as a normal chick, with an uneventful, but otherwise charmed and comfortable life.

Aaaand... holy crap large tangent that is not what I was planning to write about.
But since I went down that path, hell, why not?

You're supposed to go out and look for someone and not just sit around waiting for someone to come to your doorstep. Well, that's great, but what am I supposed to do? I have a hard time talking to people and even making just regular friends as it is. I mean, I'm working on it. I really am. But how do you approach someone with something like a relationship? That's so... awkward. I don't even know how you'd... like... just... I DON'T EVEN KNOW GUYS OKAY?

I don't understand how dating works. Especially these days when apparently dating = sex.


Why does everyone associate love with sex?
I don't get it.

Love isn't something physical. It isn't bound by things like what kind of body you have. It's bigger, stronger, more than that.

I understand that yes, M/F relations have to happen for maintaining the population.
But sex =/= love.

A straight woman or gay man doesn't love their man for his penis.
A straight man or gay woman doesn't love their woman for her breasts or vagina.
A person doesn't love another person for their physical attributes or their body.

So why the hell does everyone have this whole "I want a guy. / I want a girl." mentality?
Why should people even have to specify their sexuality? Why are we categorized?
Why should people even have a preference? Why does it matter?

Love connects souls, not bodies.
Or at least, that's what I want to believe.


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