Jul. 10th, 2010 11:59 pm
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So. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] redstars , I now have a paid account~♥!
WTF with that grammar, Self? How do you even read that? "I now have a paid account~HEART!"
At least for a while, anyway~

And so now I have MOAR ICON SPACE. \o/

As you can tell by my icon, it is quite joyous. ;D

Anyway, I've been unusually busy lately, so I... uh... ended up waiting until tonight to chronicle my week?
Also, I can't wait for the Hetalia fandom to die down a bit. As much as I love the series, and the fandom is, for the most part, incredibly nice, but my God, I can't watch the LJ comm because it gets a post every 5 seconds and I'm getting the feeling I can't watch any of the gazillion Hetalia groups on DA because I get 100 new pictures to look at every day. It makes me scared to log on and look. ;; [/random, out-of-place thought]

So the last time I posted was... Tuesday~ So then~ Wednesday events~ Go-go~!!

My Life: Wednesday through Saturday~ )

Aaaand just now my roommate sent me a message on Facebook. So much for my icebreaker call in an effort to cure my shyness. She seems nice though, and she frequently speaks Spanish and Spanglish with her other FB friends, which is a good sign. ;D
I would honestly love to have a roommate I can speak and practice Spanish with. This is very promising~

Guess it's looking like I'll be skipping the memes again tonight. I'll catch up tomorrow~ Maybe. Probably. The family picnic for my Mom's side is tomorrow, but considering it's usually pretty much over by 4:00 I'm sure I'll have plenty of time. =3=


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