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We had a big family get-together for Grandma's birthday today~
She's... uh... old? Well, not old, but older. I don't know how much-- er, well, I mean I know she's a year older because it's an annual thing but I mean I don't know her exact age but the point is she gained some exp and we're celebrating another level up. \o/

'Sides, she doesn't really act that old, so she's obviously not too old.

But anyway I've kind of been dreading today because the last family occasion we had at our house (which was Christmas, by the way) involved lots of my cousin's little children running around messing with my stuff. B|

And then I had to reorganize my entire room and glue an eye back on one of my stuffed animals and I was not a happy person that day. :|
Also, a model of a T-Rex skull is not a toy. At least with like, a figure of a cartoon character, yeah, I can see that. But a DINOSAUR SKULL? SKDJFJD DON'T. TOUCH IT. GOD. IT'S ON THE TOP SHELF FOR A REASON. HOW'D YOU EVEN GET IT DOWN I DON'T EVEN. DX

So today was I was all like, in defense mode, prepared to hold my position in front of my room and take down any little rugrat that thought they were getting into my fortress of awesome things.

How I came to actually like my cousin's kids )

Buuut yeah~
That was my night~
And I need to start posting these during the day instead of at 1:30 am. ;;


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