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Well, before I can make this entry I have to provide some background stuffs, since I haven't been real good about updating super-often lately. XD;;

I'm super psyched for Anime Detour this spring. It's going to by my first anime convention ever and I seriously can't wait. I keep having dreams at night about buying things there. Which is kind of sad, since I should be going for AWESOME PEOPLE but...

Anyway, every time I go to work, I think to myself, "FOR DETOUR!"
It's become my rallying battle cry, in a way.
Any time I go off to do something to make money to spend at Anime Detour, I proclaim this to myself, and head forward!!

And that's part one of the background story.

Not long ago Sensei [That is, our Japanese teacher. No one calls him by his real name. For serious. I'm not sure I even know his name anymore. He's always just been Sensei. Well, I guess he signs his e-mails "The Great Darkness" but...] said he was taking a travel study group to Japan this coming spring. He sent all of his students an e-mail about it. Not long before that, I had tried to explain the difference between a travel study and studying abroad to Mother, and so I forwarded her this e-mail thinking, "Here's an example~" She's really worried about me studying abroad for a whole year and doesn't really feel comfortable with the whole idea, so... yeah. :|a
I guess I can't blame her, but you know.

Sensei had sent out the e-mail in order to gauge interest, even if it was unlikely that you'd go. Seeing the expensive price and knowing my family isn't exactly rolling in dough, I replied saying, "Interested, but I'll probably need some divine intervention if I want to go."

I talk to Mom about it later, and she tells me she thinks it's a really good idea since it's worth credits and more importantly because I'd be with a whole group and a professor instead of just by myself. However, the price is way out of our range.

Thus ends part 2 of our back story.

At work I've been training for how to close at night. Previously I could only work during the lunch hour and the evening meal hour. As a result, I've suddenly been getting a jackton more hours. Last night I closed by myself for the first time, and it actually went better than expected~
[Well, except for the fact that I forgot to take out the cardboard when I took out the final trash. I set it right on the counter. Right in-front of me. AND I STILL FORGOT IT. OTL
Oh well. It was only like, one and a half boxes. :|]

My raise finally kicked in. [It was only 10 cents, but still. BUT STILL.] And my most recent paycheck was much higher due to SLDFSDLKJ MOAR HOURS. :D

So Mom says, "Well, maybe if you keep getting paychecks like this, we can work something out."

And now on to my main entry:

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