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Jun. 29th, 2010 12:18 pm
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Lots to talk abouts today~

But first.
I had this dream last night where I decided to play Soul Silver but then when I did my game had somehow been hacked and it was all like... "This Pokemon center doesn't serve whores, bitch. Get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich." and all the menu titles had been turned into swear words and derogatory stuffs. I tried to restart it but it instead decided not to save/delete my save file and instead trash talk me further like some kind of 4chan troll. I tried starting a new game and the intro was more of the same and when it asked me to pick boy or girl and I tried to choose girl it was all like, "THERE ARE NO BITCHES IN POKEMANS, BITCH. TITS OR GTFO."

And I was all panicking and stuffs.
And wondering when and how the hell someone managed to do that to my game.

I don't even know.

While this sounds like it'd make an awesome rom hack, the idea of this happening to my actual cartridge is very much DO NOT WANT. However, the fact I would quite literally panic as if the world was ending in this kind of situation is really... depressing. orz
I do very much think of my Pokemon as my friends and despite not usually EV training or doing that much work, I still think that putting in hours to train them, even if it's just regular leveling, is... something that requires a lot of time and effort. It's not something I can easily erase or let go. ;;

Pathetic self needs better things to worry about.

Also, I'm pretty sure this dream was triggered by the fact I somehow lost to Eusine in SS the other day (his Electrode apparently has 100% accuracy when using Thunder and over half my team is weak against electricity), and then when I went back to battle him again I found I couldn't rematch him to continue the storyline. I assume it continues on its own, but if it doesn't I'm going to be severely disappointed if I don't get a Suicune. D:<

"Did you see that, Suicune?"
Yeah, Suicune saw your middle-aged furry ass beat a kid 1/3rd your age. Real impressive there, Mystery Man.

You only get to battle this guy once in the whole entire game, and you don't get to redo it, and I manage to lose. Wow, self, wow.

In other news~
Met up with visiting friend from Norway yesterday~ As well as other classmates from high school~ \o/
I showed our Norwegian guest around the college I'm attending and also I got to see the shirt she and her friend made with the picture I drew for them~♥
The majority of the day was actually spent at one of aforementioned classmates' houses, where we played Rock Band, Sega Racing All-Stars, some other racing game I sucked at where I died multiple times in various explosions then later switched to card games, specifically 500, Magic, and P&A. Then even later we had a heated game of Catchphrase, went for a walk, and returned to view Finding Nemo.

It was my first time ever playing Magic, so I felt that it was a momentous occasion and took a photo.

I won. >D
Mostly because I somehow managed to get a jack-ton of Land cards. Just check out all that real estate, yo. Actually there was more later on. I had at least 12 Land out before the game ended.
Though my winning was partly due to the fact there was only one person who actually knew what they were doing. And they were helping everyone figure out what was going on, including myself. XD

Also, Norwegian candy:


I'm hoping I'll get to get together with everyone again during the next two weeks, before our friend goes back to Norway. Yesterday was awesome, but incredibly short. ;A;

Also also, unrelated 30-day memes:
Anime Meme
Day 1: Very First Anime
Probably Sailor Moon. It was on Cartoon Network in the afternoons and I'd watch it all the time. ♥
I used to like to pretend I was a sailor scout and play-save the world with imaginary sparkly poses and staffs. XD
Then later they started airing Tenchi Muyo and Dragonball Z, which I also watched, along with Digimon over on FoxKids. I tried to watch Pokemon, but at the time it aired on KidsWB, which for my family was channel 23, a station from the Twin Cities that was too far away to come in properly. ;;
By then I'd learned was anime was, though I was more interested in just particular shows than anime itself.
Then later came Naruto, One Piece, and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. At this time I started realizing, "THIS ANIME THING. I LIKE IT."
Then by chance one day, I was looking up something regarding Bo-bobo and accidentally stumbled upon Ouran High School Host Club, which sounded incredibly interesting, to the point I simply had to find it on YouTube and watch the whole thing.
And then I was hooked. Hello anime fandom. I join you. Let us conquer the world!
I love how by having Ouran as my first anime, I learned what moe was unreasonably quickly. XD
Though I mostly only knew moe from what it was in boys. It wasn't until I watched Haruhi and Lucky Star that I got a grasp on the mainstream female side of moe. ;D

Music Meme
Day 1: Your Favorite Song
It's somewhere between Gouin ni Mai Yeah by the cast of Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, Miracle Paint by OSTER-Project feat. Miku Hatsune, Piano*Girl by OSTER-Project feat. Miku Hatsune, and The Universe by toku-P feat. SF-A2 miki. I am very indecisive. =A=;;
I guess to be fair, Gouin ni Mai Yeah was my favorite song before I discovered the other ones. :D

Also, I feel I should mention Three Minutes Clapping, as it's my favorite song in English. ^^;

And I just thought I'd tag this on to the end~
Regarding Grandma's 75th, there were many pink lawn flamingos placed in her yard. The night of the party, it was stormy, so I didn't get pictures until yesterday. XD

Romantic Flamingo wants your bad romance.
He's lonely, man. Give him some lovin'.


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